Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

As part of the development of Curriculum for Excellence: Health and Wellbeing- Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education (RSHP), Clackmannanshire and Stirling Council Education Service, in partnership with Forth Valley NHS have worked together to produce a comprehensive Sexual Health and Relationships Education framework for use in Primary Schools and Nurseries.


The framework has been devised with support from Education Scotland and has taken account of research and successful practice in supporting the learning and development of children and young people, particularly in sensitive areas. It utilises a wide variety of activities and learning and teaching materials rather than a core resource.


Evidence tells us that young people and parents want and expect schools to deliver RHSP and that teaching staff acknowledge “that young people should enter adolescence with sufficient information to be able to keep them safe while, at the same time, enabling them to make informed choices” (Health Scotland 2010).


A report published by NHS Health Scotland (2008) found that “There is good evidence that school-based sex and relationships education (SRE), particularly when linked to contraceptive services can have an impact on young people’s knowledge and attitudes, delay sexual activity and/or reduce teenage pregnancy rates.”


A full list of the research and other sources consulted in devising the framework can be found here.


At Riverside Primary School, the framework has been shared with our Parent Council and has been implemented in our school from Nursery to P7 for several years.


An explanation given by the framework is that ‘RSHP Education should be non-discriminatory and sensitive to the diverse backgrounds and needs of all young people. RSHP Education starts informally at an early stage with parents and carers, and continues through to adulthood both within the home and at all stages of school life.’


With this in mind, an overview has been created for parents to show what the children will be learning at each stage, including a description of some activities, key vocabulary and resources.


RSHP Overview for Parents August 2018


Some links that you may find useful for talking to your child about relationships, sexual health and parenthood:

NSPCC PANTS - The Underwear Rule





The Underwear Rule (PANTS) is a simple way that parents can help keep children safe from sexual abuse – without using scary words or even mentioning sex. The resource includes a child friendly poster, along with a number of handy guides. There are specific guides available to support children and young people with autism and also for Polish speakers.


For more information and to access the resource please go to:

Implementation of free sanitary products        


The Scottish Government is committed to providing access to free sanitary products to students in schools, colleges and universities to:

  • Support equality, dignity and rights for those who menstruate

  • Ensure lack of access to products doesn’t impact on participation in education.

Funding has been made available to schools to set up a provision of some sanitary products for pupils.  At Riverside Primary School, we provide a box located in each of the girls’ toilets in the main building with sanitary products (sanitary towels, wet wipes and disposable sacks) to be used as required.  Further information on this Scottish Government initiative can be found at:

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