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Gaelic at Riverside

Gaelic Medium Education is:


“an option within Scottish education that gives children and young people an opportunity to become fluent in Gaelic. As children and young people move from stage to stage, they will continue to develop their fluency. In so doing, they also fulfil all the aims and goals of Curriculum for Excellence and accrue all the benefits of bilingualism.”

Education Scotland Parentzone

At Riverside we have the opportunity for our learners to be immersed in the language and become bilingual from Nursery, through Primary and they can continue with their Gaelic learning at Wallace High as a subject.  We provide total Gaelic immersion where children hear, use and explore the Gaelic language through their learning of the Curriculum for Excellence. 


We access and learn the same curriculum as the children in mainstream classes with the added benefit of learning Gaelic at the same time.  By P7 and further we strive for our learners to be fluent in both languages with their learning and experiences. 


We have a very large number of pupils who have not had any previous experience with the Gaelic language and we fully support our younger learners in learning Gaelic from an early age to become fluent.


School Improvement Plan


To ensure the best experience of immersing our learners in the Gaelic language we have a number of key priorities we are working on and looking into for the future.  These include:


  • Exploring the teaching of Gaelic grammar to make learning of the language interactive and more play based for our learners.

  • Use of online resources to further enhance access to different Gaelic literature such as Giglets.

  • For our early learners we are implementing play based learning and ensuring full immersion at the same time.

  • We are working closely with our Gaelic community to:

    • build a Stirling Comann nam Parant

    • host coffee mornings to bring our Gaelic community together

    • we are in the process of working with Stirling Choir to create a junior Stirling choir

    • With our parents we are also looking at ways of introducing more traditional music learning into our school setting.



Further Information

Here are a few websites which will give you further information on Gaelic Medium Education:






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