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We are delighted to announce that we have successfully renewed our Eco-Schools Green Flag Award status.  This is what Eco-Schools Scotland said about Riverside Primary School:-

"On reading your Green Flag application and from looking at Riverside Primary School's website it is clear that there is a commitment to Eco-Schools.  The initiatives that you have on-going at Riverside Primary School demonstrate activity that goes beyond the topics that you have focused on since your last assessment, and overall reflect the commitment to Learning for Sustainability.  It is fantastic to hear of the links you have made with local partners too, such as Forth Environment Link and On The Verge, whilst investigating the Biodiversity topic, and that this also linked with receiving the John Muir Discovery Award.  The enthusiasm shown for dealing with local traffic issues as part of Transport is also to be commended especially as the pupils have engaged the wider community to address those issues. We are delighted to renew Riverside Primary School's Green Flag status, congratulations, and we are sure you will enjoy investigating the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the focus of the refreshed Eco-Schools programme".


August 2016

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