Eco School

P1-3 Eco Poster Competition May 2020

P4-7 Eco Poster Competition May 2020

We are working towards our next Green Flag Assessment.


The Sustainable Development Goal we are working on is

  Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production


The topics we are concentrating on this time are:-


We aim to inform of the need to reduce litter in our school grounds and local community and to encourage lifelong habits of recycling.

Among some of the activities we carry out:-

  • Regular litter picking in the playground

  • Recycling plastics, tins, paper, cardboard

  • Regular RagBag collections

  • And beginning to recycle felt pens


Our overall aim is to be more aware of the need worldwide for clean water and the need to conserve water. We have put water hippos in some of our water cisterns at school so we do not use so much water when we flush the toilet.  Some of our children have raised money to buy water pumps for countries where clean water is difficult to access



Our aim with this topic is to raise awareness of the need to conserve the World’s energy resources and to reduce the air pollution caused by transportation.


We plan to have a ‘Walk to School Week’ to encourage walking, cycling, scooting to school rather than taking the car.

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