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Gaelic Online


Here are a number of useful online links.  Click on the links and then choose Nursery, Primary, High School or Parents.  Click the English flag in top right corner to change to English.

Gaelic Education


This link takes you to the Comann nam Pàrant national website and has further links to age and group appropriate Gaelic resources.  Change the language to English in the top left corner on this site.

Comann nam Pàrant


Using these online resources is a fantastic way to immerse Gaelic Language at home.

Phonics game


Stories to listen and read along with

Find stories, rhymes and songs in the forest

Up in space to find games, songs and stories

Listen to stories on line (you are more than welcome to ask to borrow a book from school to listen along with)



Access to Storyworld class reading books (listen along)

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