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February 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter – February 2021


Mrs McLeod has returned to school this week as Acting Depute Headteacher.  Miss MacDonald has now commenced her maternity leave and we are delighted to let you know she had a beautiful baby girl.  Mr Mackay will be teaching P5M for the remainder of this session.  Mrs Sinclair will return to her post in the nursery next month.  We are delighted to welcome Mrs Hazel Young and Miss Steward as SLAs to our Riverside Team.  We also welcome to our Nursery Team Grace Kennedy and Katelinn Lyle as SLAs and Caitlin Milligan, Emma Binnie and Jordan Holmes as ECEs.


Phased Return to full-time schooling

As part of the Scottish Government’s scheduled review of the current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the First Minister announced plans for more children to return to schools and nurseries.


In summary, from Monday 22 February:  

  • Children who attend nursery will make a full return to the placement they had prior to the Christmas break.

  • Children in P1-P3 will make a full return to school.

  • Some children and young people with significant additional support needs will be prioritised for a return to in-person learning.

These arrangements will be confirmed by the Scottish Government on Tuesday 16 February.


All other children, aside from vulnerable children and those of key workers, will continue to have their learning delivered remotely until further updates have been announced.


P1-P3 Return to School Arrangements – subject to confirmation on 16 February

From Monday 22 February the following procedures will be in place for the remainder of this term.  Please remind your child of these arrangements prior to Monday morning:


  • P1L and P1P - arrive at the P1 entrance between 8.55 am - 9.05 am and will be met by a member of SLT and accompanied to their class.  Children will depart at 3.15 pm from the Primary 1 entrance and will be dismissed by a member of staff.


  • P1/2G - arrive at the Nature Playground entrance between 8.55 am - 9.05 am and will be met by a member of SLT and accompanied to their class.  Children will depart at 3.15 pm from the Nature Playground entrance and will be dismissed by a member of staff.


  • P2M, P2/3S and P1/2F – arrive at the P2 entrance between 8.55 am – 9.05 am and will be met by a member of SLT and accompanied to their class.  Children will depart at 3.15 pm from the exit in the football playground.  All parents should wait in the football playground to collect their child. 


  • P3D, P3H and P3G - arrive at the Main Entrance between 8.55 am – 9.05 am and will be met by a member of SLT and accompanied to their class. Children will depart at 3.15 pm from the Main Entrance door and will be dismissed by a member of SLT.  Please arrange with your child a suitable place in the playground where you will meet them. 


Please adhere to 2 metres Physical Distancing in the playground at all times and it is compulsory to wear a mask in the playground.

Covid 19 – Self Isolation

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the general advice currently in place for everyone: If anyone in your household develops symptoms of COVID19 the symptomatic person should self-isolate and be tested as soon as possible. Everyone else in the household should also stay at home if someone you live with or someone in your extended household has symptoms. The symptoms include:

  • a high temperature or fever

  • a new continuous cough

  • a loss of or change in sense of smell or taste.

Winter Aware

We will continue to provide a flexible start of 8.55 am – 9.05 am please ensure that your child arrives in school between these times and do not arrive in the playground before this. Should we experience severe weather conditions please note we unfortunately are unable to welcome the children into the school building before 8.55 am due to the current circumstances.

As the mornings and afternoons are still fairly dark and visibility can be poor, we would like to ask parents to ensure that children coming to school on bikes or scooters have appropriate lights and reflective clothing to make them visible to other road users.

As we will be continuing with our Outdoor Learning Programme please ensure your child comes to school suitably dressed to be able to access learning outdoors in all weather conditions.

Mobile Phones

Although we recognise that some children may need to bring mobile phones to school, we do discourage this, particularly those with camera facilities. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for any phones brought in to school. Mobile phones should never be used by the children during the school day. Any necessary or emergency phone calls will be made by the school office. Please be aware, we will contact the parent/carer of any child who uses a mobile phone inappropriately in school. The safety and security of the children is of the utmost importance, and we appreciate your support in this matter.


A huge thank you to all the families who are taking part in RAPP’s Fit February fundraising event. It’s been a great way to get out and get active this month! Thank you to everyone for their generous support. We are well on our way to hitting (and maybe even exceeding!) our target – if you would like to support, please go to: The money raised will go towards funding an Activity Trail in the playground, as well as supporting other school activities.

Support RAPP by recycling your ink cartridges – and more!                

Because of COVID-19, RAPP’s usual fundraising activities have not been possible – so we are thinking outside the box! We have set up a number of ways you can support our school whilst going about your everyday lives:

Through the ‘Empties Please’ scheme, we can now collect and recycle ink cartridges and toners.  If you have any used ink cartridges or toners, please put them in the box outside the school entrance. Please check if your ink cartridges can be recycled.

We have signed up to Easy Fundraising.  Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us (at no extra cost to yourselves) if you shop online through the easy fundraising website.

Still a little way off, but when it comes to returning to school in person and wearing uniform again, you can buy your labels at My Nametags and 24% of the order will be donated to RAPP. Also great for labelling football kit, brownie uniforms.  Use the link above – the school ID to link your order to our school is 27317.

School App

Please ensure that you have downloaded the School App.  This is our main form of communication with you.

To download the app search ‘PSA’ in the Apple or Google Play app stores.  If you no longer have the user name and PIN please contact the school office.

Tips for using the School App – Please check both the Messages Tab and the News Tab.  Our Riverside Tweets also feed in to our News Tab, so if you do not use Twitter you are still able to keep up-to-date with school activities by regularly visiting the News Tab.

Weather Conditions and School Closures

Just a reminder of our procedure for school closures here at Riverside:

Unless there is a Stirling Council decision to close all schools, we strive to keep the school open. 

Please be aware that if we have to close the school, information will be available from

At a school level we try to keep you up to date through

Absence Hotline

Just a reminder to use the absence hotline (01786 476577) to phone us on the first morning of your child’s absence between 8.45-10.00am.  We aim to follow up any unexplained absences by phoning your contact numbers so it is important that contact numbers are up to date.  At times messages are left on phones if there is no response, so please take this into account when giving us contact numbers.  This is not a perfect system but has been set up to support you in keeping your children safe. 

If your child has been absent from school, please let us know the reason either in writing or by telephoning the school office.  As you will be aware, all schools are required to provide The Scottish Government with attendance and absence statistics.  In an effort to ensure that the information we pass on is as accurate as possible, we follow up any unexplained absences on a regular basis.  An increasing amount of time is being spent following up unexplained absences.  Any unexplained absences will be followed up by a member of our Senior Leadership Team.  Those absence where we have not received a response will be recorded as unauthorised.  I am sure that you will appreciate the need for accurate figures and thank you for your support.

Riverside Primary Remote Learning Parental Feedback Summary

Thank you so much to those parents who took the time to provide feedback to us.  We have taken on board all of your comments and have acted upon them to address all of your suggestions.  Please find download a copy of the newsletter from the link at the top of this page to to view a top level summary of your collective responses.

Parental Appointments

Following further announcements and updates regarding phased return to school from the Scottish Government, we will update you on our proposals to facilitate parental consultations this session.

Dates for your diary – always subject to change!

Monday 15 February            Staff Development – School & Nursery closed to pupils 

Tuesday 16 February             Staff Development – School & Nursery closed to pupils

Wednesday 17 February       Local Holiday – School closed to staff and children (Nursery open to Keyworker & Vulnerable Children)

Thursday 18 February           Local Holiday – School closed to staff and children (Nursery open to Keyworker & Vulnerable Children)

Friday 19 February              Local Holiday – School closed to staff and children (Nursery open to Keyworker & Vulnerable Children)

Thursday 1 April                  School closes for Spring break at 3.15 pm

Monday 19 April                 School reopens for Summer term at 08.55am-09.05am

Monday 3 May                   Local Holiday - school closed to staff and children

Thursday 6 May                  Staff Development Day - school closed to children

Friday 25 June                    School closes for Summer holiday


Many thanks to all Riverside Parents and Carers for your continued support at this time.  We are wishing you and your families a restful and relaxing half term break and we look forward to hopefully welcoming P1- P3 children back to school on Monday 22 February.  We will continue to deliver remote learning for all other children (P4 – P7) from Monday 22 February.


Michelle MacPhee (Headteacher)

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