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Autism Provision P1 Transition Hub

Welcome to our P1 Transition Hub for Autism Provison.  You will find lots of useful information to help get you and your child ready for Primary One Autism Provision at Riverside Primary School.  Please also see our P1 Transition Hub for further information.

AP Parents' Information Booklet ~ June 2024

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What does the Autism Provision look like at Riverside?


 Our classes in the Autism Provision have a high adult to pupil ratio. This allows us to provide individualised support to best meet your child’s needs. There is a focus on developing pupils social and communication skills throughout the whole day. Communication is supported in a wide range of ways including the use of symbols, Makaton and clear consistent language. Literacy, Numeracy and wider curricular learning is planned using the Curriculum for Excellence. These learning activities are adapted to meet pupils’ needs and interests to ensure learning is an enjoyable activity for them.

Pupils will have their own class in the provision but will also be part of a P1 mainstream class. Pupils can join their mainstream for lessons or fun social activities such as golden time, playtime or special events. The children are supported in this by either teaching staff or SLAs from the provision.

We look forward to meeting you all when you start Primary 1.

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