Below are the writing targets which your child will be working towards in each level. If you are unsure of your child’s level in writing please ask the class teacher.


Writing Targets Early Level 2

  •            I can hold my pencil correctly

  •            I can form most letters correctly

  •            I can write my name correctly

  •            I can use phonics to help me write words

  •            I can say what my writing says and means




Writing Targets First Level 1

  •            I can write my ideas in the correct order so my writing makes sense

  •            I can spell some common words

  •            I can use phonics to help me spell unknown words

  •            I can use a connective like and to join my sentences

  •            I can start sentences with a capital letter.

  •            I can finish sentences with a full stop.

Writing Targets First Level 2

  •           I can use interesting words

  •           I can spell most common words correctly

  •           I can attempt to spell less familiar words by using a word bank or dictionary.

  •           I can vary sentence openers

  •           I can use connectives (e.g. but, because,so)

  •           I can link ideas in a clear sequence

  •           I can punctuate many of my sentences correctly.


Writing Targets Second Level 1                     

  •            I can use a style of writing to suit the purpose.                  

  •            I can use ambitious vocabulary to develop my ideas.

  •            I can spell less common words accurately, using a dictionary if necessary.

  •            I can try to structure my sentences in different ways.

  •            I can write in paragraphs to separate ideas and produce suitably structured pieces of writing.

  •            I can punctuate my writing accurately, including commas and question marks where appropriate.

Writing Targets Second Level 2                                                     

  •            I can effectively engage the  reader by using appropriate style and tone to suit audience and purpose.                  

  •            I can confidently write using ambitious vocabulary to create setting/scene, atmosphere, character and circumstances.

  •            I can accurately spell more sophisticated and less familiar  words.

  •            I can organise my writing to suit the purpose  (e.g. captions, headings, bullet points, paragraphs etc)

  •            I can attempt a range of sophisticated openers

  •            I can use punctuation with increasing accuracy




Writing Targets Third Level 1                                                         

  •            I can write in the designated style in a lively and coherant way using adventurous vocabulary                 

  •            I can develop ideas in a creative way including the development of characters, description of setting and exploration of emotions as appropriate to task

  •            I can organise ideas appropriately for both purpose and reader as appropriate to task

  •            I can use a range of sophisticated connectives and openers

  •            I can use a range of punctuation accurately and to create effect

  •            I can use strategies to help me spell words accurately

  •            I can use paragraphs confidently and accurately

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