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Food for Life Action Group


Food for Life Scotland, a flagship programme of Soil Association Scotland is already working with almost half of all Scottish Local Authorities.  One in three Scottish Primary School meals – as well as meals served in other nursery school, care home, commercial, visitor attraction and workplace settings – now meet the rigorous standards of the Food for Life Catering Mark Award.

The Food for Life Scotland programme now aims to play its part in helping transform food culture in schools and communities across Scotland by embedding our version of the tried and tested Food for Life ‘whole-school’ approach to food.

As a school we have signed up to the Food for Life Scotland Education Framework.  By doing so, we have taken a step towards joining a growing network of schools, communities, and organisations across Scotland committed to transforming their food culture, and putting sustainability, economic resilience and health and wellbeing at the heart of life-long learning.

The FLAG will be led by Mrs Park and supported by Mrs Warren. There will also be a parent representative, pupil representatives, catering representatives and regular input from representatives from the Soil Association and outside agencies.

By working in partnership with national and local expertise across the country and working with teachers, pupils, families, catering staff, farmers, producers, suppliers and local residents of all ages – we hope to make positive changes to our food culture, celebrating action and achievement and helping Scotland to become a Good Food Nation.

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