Kilometre Club

We are delighted that our Kilometre Club which is firmly embedded into life at Riverside has received national recognition.  Please click the link below to view our film by Education Scotland (scroll down to video number 3) 


Here are some quotes from the children:

"I like Kilometre Club because I do a lot of laps and it is fun watching other people make good progress. Sometimes Miss Duff lets us run with her and it is really fun because she is fun and fast too." Ollie P4D

"I like Kilometre Club because it suits everyone. You can walk, jog or run." Katie P5R


"I like Kilometre Club because it is fun and it keeps you healthy." Jennifer P3W


"I have really enjoyed going round the yellow tracks to try and get as many kilometres for our class. I have learned that if you went round the track 8 times, you have been running for a km. I have also learned that running keeps you healthy." Tom P6J


"Kilometre Club is good fun and all the exercise is good for you. We all try our best and have fun." Hannah P4M


"If you keep going you can get a certificate. It is not a competition against anyone else, it’s just about trying your best." Kirstie P4M