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Riverside Primary School ~ Bun Sgoil Taobh na h-Aibhne

Forrest Road, Stirling, FK8 1UJ

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Composite Classes

Here at Riverside (as in most other primary schools) a number of our children are grouped into composite classes.


This means that, rather than being in a class with only others of the same year group, they are in a class with children from more than 1 year group.


For example, in a P2/3 composite class, the guidance from Stirling Council is that the oldest children from primary 2 would join with the youngest children from primary 3. However other factors are considered, including the number of boys and girls, children with additional support needs and twins. 


Whatever the class, teachers organise learning so that all the children in the class are taught at a level to match their needs, group work helps with this. This is the same in composite classes, so the children progress according to their needs.


The make–up of any child’s class is likely to change at any time during their primary school years. At Riverside we help children form new friendships and maintain existing ones, and we find that they settle quickly and happily into their classes. The children grow in resilience, and benefit from learning these important skills for life.


At Riverside we have had many composite classes over the years. They have always proved to be successful, with many children and parents being positive about the mixed stage experience.