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Riverside Primary School ~ Bun Sgoil Taobh na h-Aibhne

Forrest Road, Stirling, FK8 1UJ

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Our School Assembly Song

We're always growing up

We go from navy blue to sky blue

So many things we learn to do

As we go up the ladder


Responsibility is a top priority

Share and be kind to everybody

We own it in Riverside Primary


Looking back at what I've achieved

I would never have dreamed

Over the years I've not changed all that much

A little bit bigger, I'll soon be grown up


Honesty won't ever lie

Fairness, just to be kind

Being your best will help you succeed

Respect is what everybody will need


We're getting older every day

Things don't stay the same

Making new friends, teachers will change

Opportunities flourishing


Which way should I go

Should I go fast or should I go slow

What games to play, what things to say

What things can I learn today