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Riverside Primary School ~ Bun Sgoil Taobh na h-Aibhne

Forrest Road, Stirling, FK8 1UJ

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We use ParentMail to email general school information to you directly, and text you in case of school closure etc. There will still be some correspondence sent home as paper copies, e.g. those of a confidential natute or requiring a signed reply, so please continue checking your child’s school bag.  

The benefits are that we reduce the paper copies sent from school – part of our commitment to Eco-Schools.  It will also be more convenient for many parents and especially when there are unexpected school closures.  


If you wish to register for ParentMail, please click the link below to download the Registration Form.  Once you have completed the Form, please return it to the school office so we can do the initial registration


ParentMail Letter & Registration Form



As soon as your details have been registered you will receive a username and password from ParentMail, which will enable you to keep your details up to date by simply logging into your account at: 

It is the parent/carer's responsibility to ensure that their email and mobile telephone numbers are kept up to date by contacting ParentMail directly and logging in to your account. 

Please be aware that ParentMail do not notify the school of any changes you make to your details, so it is important that you continue to keep us up to date with any changes to your mobile phone in particular and email address. 

Any attachments we send to you via email will be sent in PDF format.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download this free at

Please contact us if you require more information or if you have any feedback for us.  Thank you for your continued support.